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Temple for the Worship of the Nine Nguyen Lords (Thai Mieu)

Temple for the Worship of the Nguyen Emperors (Thé Mieu)

  • The Temple for the Worship of the Nine Nguyen Emperors (Thai Mieu) is part of the Hue historical complex designated a World Heritage Site.
  • The Hue historical complex of the Nguyen Emperors is an important location in Vietnam. The complex includes the Citadel ( by citadel we mean a fortress protecting a town ), a walled city within which is the Royal Court and its administration buildings, the Imperial City within it and within it the Forbidden City, the various royal burial complexes situated in the surrounding foothills. The complex is regarded as an outstanding architectural example of east Asia feudal power and capital. More importantly it is an important monument in Vietnamese history and culture. Its location and setting on a narrow strip of land hemmed in by the Trurong Son mountain range to the south and west. There are two groups of historical sites, those including the walled citadel and the buildings within it and the burial complexes of the Nguyen Kings and others concerning the spiritual life of the times. The burial sites are west of Hue because the sun rises in the east symbolizing life and the setting sun in the west symbolizes the passing of life.