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Thai People South Thailand

  • Ethnic diversity varies in South Thailand from the north portion, which was traditionally the area of the Mon to the very South, which traditionally was the area for the Malay. The most obvious evidence today of the Mon boundaries are the numerous Mon Buddhist stone boundary markers (circa 8th century) which we see in Chaiya and neighboring Provinces. The Mon State of Southern Burma (Myanmar) adjoins the northwest portion of the Peninsula.
  • The Mon are Austro-Asiatic speakers of the Mon- Khmer group. In Myanmar they are referred to as the Talaing. Today in south Thailand they have been totally assimilated with the Tai.
  • One group who retain their traditions are the Sea Gypsies of Thailand. This term refers to the Mawken, Moklem, Uraklawoi, Orang Lanta and Orang Sireh groups which are detailed in this section.