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Queen Suriyothai Of Ayutthaya

Queen Suriyothai Ayutthaya Monument

  • Queen Suriyothai was the wife of King Chakraphat the 16th King of Ayutthaya between 1548 to 1564 and again partly in 1569 in March and April. She is famous for being a heroine who died in battle against the Burmese whilst mounted on her elephant back in a fight with Prince Prome of Burma to protect her husband whose elephant had collapsed from wounds.
  • Queen Suriyothai was killed by a scythe at the hand of Prince Prome. Her body was cremated at Wat Suan Luang in Ayutthaya where there now remains a stupa containing here ashes. The stupa is called Si Suriyothai Chedi.
  • Her husband King Chakraphat was made King in 1548 at the request of officials having previously being a monk. He returned to the monkhood in 1564 only to be again King in 1569 to again defend against the next Burmese invasion.
  • This heroic tale was also recently made into an epic Thai movie and her status as a national heroine is well established.