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General Chao Kavila

  • Chao Kavila was responsible, with others, for the defeat of the Burmese in Lan Na and the resurrection of Chiang Mai and other places in Lan Na back to the Tai of Lan Na. Kavila was born the eldest son of Prince Chai Kaew of Lampang in 1742. Kavila grew up to become its ruler and then joined forces with the ruler of Chiang Mai, Prince Chaban and Taksin in Thonburi to wage war to remove the Burmese from Upper Northern Thailand.
  • Taksin's General sent on this mission was Chao Phraya Chakri. In 1774 they defeated the Burmese at Lampang and later in Chiang Mai in1776. Chiang Mai City was subsequently abandoned with counter attacks from the Burmese and it was not until March 1796 did he reoccupy Chiang Mai City. By this time in 1782 Chao Phraya Chakri was King Rama 1 and Kavila was supported in the task of rebuilding the fortifications and repairing the temples.
  • In 1802 Kavila was made ruler of Chiang Mai. His wars with the Burmese continued and his brothers were made rulers of other Northern Cities and his second son later became the 6th ruler of chiang Mai. Kavila died in 1815 aged 73.
  • Today part of Chiang Mai suburbs is named Kavila and his statue will be seen as you drive along the east bang of the Ping River in Chiang Mai.