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Thai Ayutthaya Style Art

  • Thai Ayutthaya art refers to the art and style of the Ayutthaya Kingdom which existed from 1350 until 1767. The early period reflects Dvaravati and Lop Buri influences but from the middle of the 15th century it developed to its nationally renowned style, which was inspired by the earlier Sukhothai and U Thong features. Artworks were created in bronze, woodcarving, stucco and sandstone.
  • Many works of art were destroyed during the Burmese invasions.
  • The art of the period is classified into four periods, first (1350 to 15th centuries) hen U Thong influences were predominant, second, from mid 15th century until 17th century during which influences of Sukhothai were dominant, third, in the17th C when the Khmer became vassals of the Ayutthaya Empire and their art was again fashionable, and finally from late 17th century until 1767 when splendor was fashionable and the images of Buddha were ornate with crowns and ornate robes.

Ayutthaya Period Black Lacquer

Where To See Better Examples Of Ayutthaya Art:

  • Suan Pakkad Palace, Bangkok (especially the Ho Khien Lacquer Pavilion)
  • The National Museum Bangkok
  • Wat Rajaburana, Ayutthaya
  • Wat Chong Nonsi, Bangkok
  • Wat Koh Kaeo Sutthanam, Petchaburi