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Mon Art In North Thailand (Lan Na)

  • In the Mon controlled Thailand there was the Dvaravati Kingdom of the central Chao Phra Valley and to its north the Mon Kingdom of Haripunchai, the capital of which was the town Haripunchai (now called Lamphun). Mon Haripunchai architecture is distinct in form and serves Buddhist functions.
The Better Paces To See Mon Hariphunchai Art Are:
  • Wat Chamatewi in Lamphun
  • The Chedi of Wat Phya in Nan
  • Wat Chedi Ched Yot in Chiang Mai
  • Wat Chedi Si Liem built in Wiang Kun Gam (1300)
  • The Suwanan Chedi at Wat Phra That Haripunchai in Lamphun [ 9th C ], and
  • The brick Chedi of Chiang Saen's Wat Pasuk (1295)

Mon Haripunchai Temple Sculpture In Chiang Mai.