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Thailand & Thai Art Culture

  • There are 7 periods and themes about Thailand Thai art during the past 2000 years. In addition there have been regional themes at different periods in some, in some and not all, of the regions that today make the Thailand Nation.

The common Thai art national themes or influences are:
  • The non National regional themes in Northern Thailand are those of the Burmese, Mon, the Shan, the Tai Lu, the Tai Yuan and the minority ethnic highlanders and lowlanders. In Southern Thailand it is those of the Srivajaya Empire, the Malay and Chinese. In Central Thailand it is those of Lop Buri style art, U Thong and Khmer art and architecture and in East Thailand it is those of the Tai Lao and Khmer architecture.
  • The art and architecture forms follow the ethnic and political patterns and these are illustrated in the Thailand History maps of over the last 1,500 years. Thai art and architecture are also influenced by the Indian Hindu and Thai Buddhist traditions and themes and these are also explained here. In particular regard should also be had to the Jakata Tales, The Ramakian and The Traiphum also explained here. These epics provide the themes and subjects for Thai mural painting in Thai Temples or royal buildings and the mythical celestial beings and other creatures depicted on Thai Temples and other Thai architecture.