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Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Privacy

This Site recognizes the need to protect our users' privacy and to do so we follow the following policies and procedures. At no time do we have access to any information about you, the user. To the extent you are referred to transact business with our future affiliated links,  at no time will we be privy to your transactions. At no instance are you contracting with us or supplying us with information. We only provide information free of charge to you. Accordingly we are not an agent of you and have no contractual responsibility or other obligation at law with you.

As part of the referral process on the web, a ‘’cookie’’ tag [ a piece of information ] is attached to your electronic referral to indicate you come from or The use of cookies is part of the web process. In this process computers identify each other and who is talking. This procedure is also part of our contractual arrangements with our affiliate arrangements. Cookies do not contain any information, only the existence of the referral. The cookies attach as between our Site and the affiliate commercial link, not then as between you and the Bank effecting any card payment. Our Site can not read data on your hard drive nor read cookies created by other sites.

All affiliate providers of goods and services have their own privacy and security systems and we recommend you refer to these in their appropriate web sites. This Site has no role in the privacy policies of other sites and our privacy policy only applies to our Site.