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Phu Phra Bat Historical Park

Phr Phra Bat Prehistoric House

  • Phu Phra Bat Historical Park nature reserve is situated high on a mesa which is million of years old and on which we can see dinasuar foot prints, sandstone formations carved by glaciers millions of years ago, evidence of the prehistoric age of human settlement, prehistoric rock paintings, ancient man modified sandstone shelters, boundary pillars of the Dvarvati period of the first milennium and stone Buddhist bas-reliefs and shelters of the Khmer Empire of Thailand approximately 1000 years ago. Forest Parks are nature reserves, set aside for conservation and protection from development and they are governed by the Provincial administrations not the National Parks Department. Phu Phra Bat is administered by the Department of Fine Arts together with the other National Historical Parks.
  • There are 68 ancient structures, which are classified as prehistoric archeological sites, 45 places of prehistoric painting and sheltered sites and 23 monastic sites. For tourists the sites are divided into 23 locations.
  • A visit needs at least 3 hours and a guide is important otherwise you will fail to find everything on this forested mountain mesa.
  • Phu Phra Bat Park is located north east from Udon Thani City and the route is well marked with signs and takes one hour to drive there from Udon Thani.

Phu Phra Bat Temple Ruins

  • UNESCO has designated this Site as a future World Herigate Site for listing and the following description is the basis for that designation. '' Designated as Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, the Site is the landscape of a wooded sandstone hill adorned with patches of huge bare rocks in spectacular overhanging positions, some balanced on pedestals of oddity. This scenic and awesome beauty of nature has had, over the millennia since prehistoric times, a compelling spiritual effect on humans in the neighbourhood to associate the Site with sanctity, as evidenced by the presence of visual arts of different cultural periods.
  • The scenic Phu Phra Bat cultural landscape is unique in that this single site contains authentic cultural treasures that represent major cultures of different periods of the region, effectively epitomizing the continuum of the whole cultural history of mainland Southeast Asia. All together, the site incorporates separate 68 cultural locations, most of which contain rock paintings of the prehistoric period as well as the stylised, religious icons of the successive cultural periods.

Phu Phra Bat