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Thailand National Museums In Bangkok

Bangkok Museums

National Museum Bangkok
(2)   Vimanmek Mansion Museum Bangkok
(3)   Suan Pakkad Museum Bangkok
(4)   Jim Thompson House Museum Bangkok
(5)   Royal Barge Museum Bangkok
(6)   Museum of Siam Bangkok
(7)   Royal Elephant Museum

National Museum  Bangkok
The National Museum Bangkok is a must see tourist attraction:
  • Firstly, the Museum houses Thailand’s largest and finest collection of Thailand art, including the collection of antiquities from the period of King Mongkut (1851-1868, that famous king from “ the King and I ”).
  • Secondly, the Museum is actually comprised of a series of buildings and structures, many of which are both historically important and architecturally significant. These include, Siwamokhapiman Hall which now houses the Thai History Gallery but which originally was built by the Prince Successor to Rama I, Buddhaisawan Chapel built in 1787 to house the Buddha image ' Phra Buddhasihing ',The Red House, made of teak and the home of the elder sister of Rama I, Issarawinitchai Hall which was the audience hall of the Palace of the Prince Successor and which now houses temporary special exhibitions, Pritsadang Bhimuk Hall which now houses the old weapons collection of the Museum and the residence of the second King of Rama IV, King Pin Klao. The collection of important buildings is interesting for its history as well as the architecture styles.
(2)    Vimanmek Mansion  Museum Bangkok
  • Vimanmek Mansion is part of a whole complex of buildings in the Dusit Palace grounds.
  • It was built by King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V, 1869 – 1910) as a summer retreat in 1901, and he resided here until 1906. After his death in 1912, the building was virtually unoccupied for a period of fifty years. In 1982, the hitherto neglected Mansion was renovated for use as a museum to commemorate King Rama V by displaying his photographs and collection of artwork and handicrafts of the Bangkok period.
(3)    Suan Pakkad  Museum Bangkok
  • The Suan Pakkad Palace was assembled over a period of time beginning in 1952 by Prince and Princess Chaumbhot of  Nakhon Sawan, a province in central Thailand. They decided to display to the public their vast personal collection of art and antiquities, including those that had been passed down to them though successive royal generations. This collection ranges from the pre-historic to the contemporary periods. To house the collection, seven historic Thai buildings were moved to the Palace grounds and reassembled. Some of these houses had belonged to the Prince’s great-great-grandfather, who was a Regent in the reign of Rama IV, (1851-1868).