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Wat Suwan Dararam Ayutthaya

Wat Suwan Dararam

Buddha image Wat Suwandararam Ayutthaya

  • Wat Suwan Dararam was built on land donated by the father of Rama I who was then an official of King Borommakhot of Ayutthaya. It is located north of Pom Phet in the south eastern portion of Ayutthaya Island which was also the business area of the Chinese community.
  • Opposite is the Pasak River on the opposite side of which was the anchoring ports for Chinese junks at Khlongs Khao San and Suan and of course the Chinese temple complex of Wat Phanan Choeng.

Wat Suwan Dararam Ordination Hall Ayutthaya

  • Here to see are two important buildings and within each the murals and Buddha images. These buildings are the Ordination Hall and the Viharn.
  • In the Ordination Hall the murals depict (1) Buddha's confrontation with Mara when Mara's army was trying to obstruct Buddha from enlightment, (2) the three worlds and (3) the last ten Jaktaka. As usual the upper portions of the side walls depict deities in adoration.
  • The Ordination Hall is made in Ayutthaya style with the curving base.

Wat Suwan Dararam