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The Phet Fortress 1350 (Pom Phet)

Phet Fortress Ayutthaya

  • When Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 A.D. the city wall and fortresses were constructed of wood. Later in the reign of King Mahachakraphat  the city boundary was extended to the banks of the river and the wall was built with brick and laterite. 
  • Of the 29 forts built, Phet Fortress was strategically the most important in providing a good defensive position from invaders as it is situated where three rivers meet, the Chao Phraya, the Pa Sak and the Lopburi.
  • The City walls were made of brick as shown in the picture on this page. As part of the walls were forts, gates and smaller entrances. Reports from foreign visitors of the times record there were over some 800 canons lining the city walls.
  • The brick walls were constructed in the reign of King Mahachakrapat. They were constructed on wooden beams beneath which served as foundations. The same construction technique was used to construct the Forts in Rattanakosin Island. This was presumably to stop invading armies from trying to tunnel beneath the defense walls. Most of the walls were demolished in the reign of Rama I and the bricks were again used for the construction of the new city of Bangkok.