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Religion Today In South And East Asia And Comparisons With Europe And The Middle East

Daoist and Buddhist Cave Art Dazu China

  • In Europe and for most of the middle east for the past 2,000 years human thinking was smothered by the three mono (single and absolute) 'God' religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. In many instances thinking otherwise meant death and elimination of total societies. So today many mono 'God' believers look at the rest of the world as if all people think like this and similarly use words like, 'god', 'spirit', 'goddess', to have the same meanings and applications as with the mono religions. The mono religions indoctrinated their followers to subjugate their minds and beliefs to the pronouncements of the respective religious 'teachers' and in doing so also dictated social structures, sexual relations and political structures. In the later part of this period some people escaped such mind control however most people in the societies still do not understand what other thinking options exist. Words such as 'enlightenment' are used but few understand what it means.
  • The purpose of this section of the Site is to explain religion in Asian societies and in doing so mention what each religion believes, and more importantly what it rejects or simply fails to consider.
  • The important point to remember is that believing, or accepting, a religion in Asia, such as Buddhism, Shintoism or Daoism (Taoism) does not mean one believes in 'God'. In fact religions such as Buddhism expressly reject the notion of a 'God'. The function of these religions is to create self awareness about different things and hence their ability to co-exist.
  • Other religions such as Hinduism provide for the belief in many 'Gods'. The rational for the co-existence here of numerous 'Gods' is that their respective job specifications vary, unlike the function of the mono 'God' in Islam, Judaism and Christianity which is all embracing, absolute and which refuses to tolerate otherwise.