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Hindu God: Brahma

Hindu God Brahma

Background and History
  • Hinduism is an ancient religion from India. Hinduism believes in a variety of gods, many of which are often in contention with one another for power over regions of the universe. Each 'God' has different physical features and different powers and tasks to perform which are explained in the mythologies of India. Many of the Hindu gods date back several thousand years while others, which are said to be manifestations of other gods or newly created gods entirely, are more modern. Brahma is one of these Hindu 'Gods'.
  • The creator god in Hinduism, Brahma is one of the most important gods in the pantheon, although he is not actively worshiped and does not have many temples devoted to him. His status is not equivalent to Shiva or Vishnu. In fact, one of the most well-known myths attributed to him depicts him arising from Vishnu’s navel to create the world. More or less, he is a support god that is called upon when he is needed. In some myths, it is believed that he lied about locating the end of Shiva’s flaming phallus. As punishment for this lie, he should not be worshiped again in India. Interestingly, in most of the world’s mythology, Brahma’s associations and traits would be occupied by a goddess rather than a male god. Brahma is an old god but does not date back as far as Shiva or Vishnu. Rather, it is only during the Common Era that Brahma became a popular deity represented in religious literature.
  • In order to create, Brahma takes over the tasks previously assigned to the god known as Prajapati, who is a very old god in the Hindu pantheon. As such, Brahma is able to use his mind to create through mental power. He thinks and something is created. Brahma may come under the influence of certain forces that create one thing or another. For instance, dark elements can influence him to create demons. In some myths, Brahma dismembers himself and uses his fallen limbs to create various creatures.

Brahma Depicted Riding A Peacock