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Theravada Buddhism

Theravada Style Buddha Image Wat Benchamabophit Bangkok

Theravada Buddhism 


  • The dominant Buddhist sect in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. The name Theravada refers to one of the original schools of Buddhism originating in India during the first few hundred years after the Buddha’s death. ‘Thera-’ means ‘elder’ while ‘-vada’ is ‘way’ or ‘vehicle.’ In short, Theravada means “The School of the Elders.” Theravada Buddhism is the only classical school of Buddhism dating back to Before the Common Era and therefore a Theravadin Buddhist monk is most common image of Buddhism that many people think of when thinking of Buddhist monks. Theravadin monks and nuns wear long robes and traditionally beg for alms in communities where they live. The Theravadin religious tradition is very focused on the monastic community and monastic law. Religious achievement in Theravadin Buddhism is highly dependent upon gifting and becoming a monastic during one’s lifetime. 

Theravada Style Buddha Image Shwedagon Myanmar