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Puerto Galeria

  • Puerto Galera  [‘’ Port of the Galleons ‘’] was founded in 1572 by the Spanish and was the first Capital of Mindoro. From as early as the 10 C Puerto Galera was a trading center for Chinese, Indonesian and Malay shipping and trade.
  • Puerto Gallera is on the North coast of Mindoro and South of Luzon. These two Islands are separated by sea and what is called Verde Island Passage. Here the water flows from the South China Sea. As the Verde Passage is deep there are strong currents. The water is clear and excellent for diving. Verde Passage is renown for its hundreds of species of tropical fish and flora and fauna. There is a lot of diversity of hard and soft coral varities.
  • Puerto Gallera is one of the better dive sites in The Philippines. It offers a 5 kilometer foreshore with world class dive sites with visibility ranging from 10 meters [ 30 feet ] to 30 meters [ 100 feet ], or better depending upon water temperature, current and wind direction. The typhoon season is from the end of July to the end of November, during which period there are winds and choppy seas. However there are always accessible dive locations even during this period. The better times are during April to September when the sea is calmest, the winds drop and visibility is best.

Spanish Galleon As Used At Puerto Galera.