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Philippine Climate & Tourism

  • The essential characteristics of climate in the Philippines are a relatively high temperature, abundant rainfall and high humidity. This is so as a result of the tropical and maritime locations.
  • For locals and visitors knowledge of the climate is now important because of severe rainfalls and resulting inconvenience and flooding as well as the spate of very serious typhoons.
  • As like all of Southeast Asia there are two distinct seasons. These are the dry season from December to May which consists of the cooler dry season from December to February and the hot dry season from March to May. The second season is the wet rainy season from June to November each year.
  • The distribution and quantity of rain is the most important climatic issue in the Philippines. The rainfall distribution varies significantly from region to region. This is determined by the direction of the moisture bearing winds and clouds and the location of the mountains. The rainfall distribution can vary between 965 to 4,064 millimeters each year. The distribution of rainfall is classified into four climate types which  are defined and illustrated in the diagram below. This diagram is produced by. The timing, distribution and rainfall volumes are the most important issue for tourism to the various regions of the Philippines. The other major determinate is the typhoon season, also discussed below.
  • Humidity is the moisture content in the atmosphere and as the Philippines has a high temperature and is surrounded by water the average monthly relative humidity ranges from 71 per cent in March to 85 percent in September. But this of course is the average and the real levels vary considerably depending upon the season and the location.
  • The temperature in the Philippines is generally the same all places regardless of where it is on the latitude. However altitude does affect temperature as some mountainous areas have high altitudes. The mean annual temperature is 26.6 degrees C. January is the coolest month at 25.5 degrees C. and May is the warmest at 28.3 degrees C.

Map of Philippines climate types