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Philippine Tourism & Travel

  • The tourist and travel places of interest in The Philippines fall into 4 separate groups of activity, these are, the beach vacations and water sports, the Philippines national parks and other places of natural beauty, the historic towns and architecture of the Spanish period and the art and culture events of the Philippines people.
  • The International ports of entry are Manila on Luzon and Cebu City on Cebu Island which is located in the Central Visayas Islands.

Intramuros Manila Philippines

  • Intramuros and the monuments and buildings within is fortifications are the major (if not the only) tourist attractions in modern Manila. Intramuros is an ancient walled city commenced before the 16th C which became the Spanish regime's capital within The Philippines and for its regime in Asia. Intramuros was referred to as '' Ciudad de Manila '' and occupied a pentagonal area of 64 hectares adjacent to the Pasig River. It has fortified walls made of stone from Mexico which are 4.5 kilometers [ 2.81 miles ] with heights varying from 4.5 to 6 meters high and with a thickness of 2  to 2.5 meters. Construction repairs and renovations to its current form took 250 years from 1590 until 1830.
  • The fortifications include 7 gates (including those of Fort Santiago) and each had drawbridges.
  • The walls had nine bastions and 5 small fortifications like ravelins or redoubts.
  • Within the walls were two hospitals, seven streets, several schools and seven Churches. These are Cathedral of Manila, San Agustin the UNESCO World Heritage Site Building, Lourdes Church, San Ignacio, San Fransisco Church, Santo Domingo Church and Recletes Church. Casa Manila Museum is another main historical attraction.

Cebu Tourist Guide Attractions

  • Cebu Province is an Island of the same name and its capital city is Cebu City. The Island of Cebu is in Central Philippines in Visayas between the Islands of Bohol to the southwest and Negros to the west side. Cebu is a long narrow stretch of land extending northeast to southwest for a lenght of 180 kilometers and with a width of not more than 60 kilometers. The Island of Cebu is 4,421 square kilometers of rugged mountains and numerous coastal beaches.
  • Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines being established in April 1565 with the arrival of the Legazpi - Urdaneta expedition from Mexico. Five Augustin priests traveled to Cebu with this expedition. From then until the end of the Spanish colonization period the Augustinians had established 18 towns in the Island, each with its own Augustin Church.
  • Accordingly any tourist to Cebu today can not help but see these Church monuments dating back to the 16th Century. The major tourist attractions in Cebu are the early Spanish fortifications, the Augustin Churches, the beaches and the ethnic diversity of the Cebuano people especially at festival times.

Manila Tourist Attractions

  • The monuments of the Spanish colonization period are essentially all that is worth seeing in Manila today. The greatest attraction is the old fortified city of   Intramuros.  This is a unique attraction in Asia and within its walls includes numerous buildings and street ways of great heritage value, especially the UNESCO World Heritage Site of San Augustin.