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Intercession of Saints In The Philippines

  • An important aspect of Roman Catholic Church life and practice in The Philippines are beliefs and rituals concerned with the ''Intercession of the Saints''. In the Roman Catholic Church it is endorsed that the Saints are able to act as intermediaries and make requests and talk to God on behalf of the believer. This is fundamental in Church practice. In Protestant Christian Church practice it is frowned upon except for approaches through Jesus.
  • Intercession of the Saints refers to the doctrine that saints of the Church, especially the Blessed Virgin Mary can be asked by the believer to intercede ( act on behalf of ) to connect with God. This has been a Christian practice since the 3rd century and has similar practices in Judaism and Islam. Of course there are also contrary views in these religions as to the validity of the process.
  • However the practice of invoking the intercession of the Saints is widespread in the Philippines. Thus to understand this concept one can understand when visiting a Church in the Philippines why people pay homage to statues replicating the image of a Saint, such as Mary, the Black Nazarrene of, and the Baby Jesus in Cebu City. Additionally confusion can be created in the minds of believers who fail to appreciate the theory of High Church Doctrine and confuse in the minds whether the image is more than just an image. Touching or cow taooo to these images with tears and sometimes hysteria makes one wonder more.