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The Franciscans 1578 Until 1898 Heritage Sites In The Philippines

The Arrival Of The Franciscans In The Philippines
  • The Franciscans first arrived in The Philippines in 1578 and were established inside Intramuros where they established the Church, Nuestra Senorena de los Angeles ( Our Lady of the Angels ) in ...
  • The Church, first made of bamboo and wood was rebuilt in stone by 1739 only to be bombed and destroyed in World War 11 in 1945.

Who were the ''Franciscans'' ?
  • This can be complicated but essentially the term refers to people and religious orders that follow the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi. Within the Catholic Church this is the Order Of Friars Minor. Members of this Order live by a set of regulations known as ''The Rule Of Saint Francis''. There are three sub groups, the Observants or Franciscan Friars, the Convential Franciscans and the Capuchins.
  • The Franciscans are what is termed '' a Mendicant Order'' which means a religious order which does not own property individually or collectively, as was the case with Jesus, and one which both prays together and works together in the communities where they are.
  • Franciscan monks are characterized by their simple brown clothing.
  • Franciscan Churches are identified by the Franciscan emblem engraved in a stone plaque at the front of each Church.
Franciscan Heritages Monuments in The Philippines.
  • The major Franciscan Church monuments to be found in The Philippines are,  the Churches at Tanay Rizal, Guiuan in Samar, Marilao in Bulacan, Tayabas Basilica in Quezon, Pakil in Laguns and at Malilipot in Albay and the hospitals at San Juan de Dios Haospital, [1580], Hospital of the Holy Waters Los Banos (1592) and Naga Hospial of San Diego (1592).