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The Dominicans Heritage Sites In The Philippines

The First Dominicans in The Philippines
  • The first Dominicans arrived at in The Philippines on September 17, 1581. They were Domingo Salazar and Cristbal de Salvatierra. They were the only two survivors of the original 18 missionaries who embarked from Spain. Father Cristobal returned to Spain where he was authorized to recruit Dominicans from Spain and Mexico to return to The Philippines and where he was also appointed Vicar General for the new Province. The trip from Cadiz to Mexico and then again to The Philippines resulted in only 15 arriving in Manila on July 25, 1592. Here they established the University of Saint Tomas and the School of San Juan de Letran. They then concentrated missionary work in Luzon.
Who Were The Dominicans
  • The Dominicans are individuals and also the Order of Dominicans which is a Roman Catholic religious order founded by a Spanish priest, Saint Dominic de Guzman and formally recognized in 1216. The Order is known as the ''Order of Preachers'' and was formed to educate and preach with an intellectual tradition. Member s of the Order wear black and white as depicted in the images here. They were called ''the Black Friars''. ( The Carmelites wore white, and were termed ''the Whitefriars'' and the Augustinians wore brown ).