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Manila Tourist Attractions & Travel Information

  • In this Site we detail what is unique about Manila. The attractions of Manila today have been cast by its history hundreds of years before. Modern Manila offers little that is different. Accordingly one needs to understand the history of Manila and hence what to see, where to find it and appreciate it.
  • The monuments of the Spanish colonization period are essentially all that is worth seeing in Manila today. The greatest attraction is the old fortified city of Intramuros . This is a unique attraction in Asia and within its walls includes numerous buildings and street ways of great heritage value, especially the UNESCO World Heritage Site of San Augustin.

Old Spanish Costumes and Architecture in Manila.

The Spanish Colonial Period Tourist Attractions include;

  • Intramuros and the monuments and buildings within is fortifications are the major [ if not the only ] tourist attractions in modern Manila. Intramuros is an ancient walled city commenced before the 16th century which became the Spanish regime's capital within The Philippines and for its regime in Asia.
  • San Agustin Intramuros Manila
  • Casa Manila Museum Intramuros Manila
  • Fort Santiago Intramuros Manila
  • Malate Catholic Church, Malate, Manila is a Catholic Church build in the Baroque style in the 16th century by the Augustinians. The statue of the Virgin Mary pictured opposite was brought from Spain in 1624 and still stands at the altar.... Read More Here..
  • Santa Cruz Catholic Church is located in the northern District of Santa Cruz of the City of Manila, near the mouth of the river, between the districts of Tondo and Quiapo.   Read More Here...
  • For tourists in Asia, particularly non Catholic Christians, Quiapo Church is both historically interesting but for more modern events, an interesting observance of people's devotion to a religious monument. In this case the Statue of the Black Nazarene.  ... Read More Here..
  • San Sebastian Church is located in Quiapo, one of Manila's older districts.  Surrounding it are rows of old houses.  The Church of San Sebastian is made of a steel frame and panels and is  known for its distinct characteristic, that of being the only Neo Gothic steel church in The Philippines and in Asia. ... Read More Here

San Augustin Church Inside Intramuros Manila