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Philippines History Chronology

1521 Ferdinand Magellan explores the Philippines
1542 Spanish military expedition claims the Philippines for the Spanish Empire and names it after Prince Philip of Spain, later to be King Philip 11 of Spain
1565, the Spaniard, Legazpi arrives in Manila after leaving Mexico
1571 Legazpi makes Manila the capital of the ‘’ New Kingdom of Castile ‘’
1572 first Chinese traders arrive in Manila
1574 First uprising by Filipinos against Spain
1574 the Chinese led by Limahong invade Manila Bay [ 29 November ]
1578 war starts between the Sulu pirates and the Visayas and Luzon
1583 Manila ordains all buildings to be made of stone after City fire
1587 English pirates sack Ilocos
1588 revolt against the Spanish
1590 Manila has a population of 667,000 people
1600 Dutch blockade of Manila-Mexico shipping
1603 Chinese mandarins in Manila
1610 Dutch attack the Philippines
1617 Dutch attack the Philippines
1625 Dutch attack the Philippines
1648 Dutch hostilities against Philippines ended with Treaty of Munster
1644 the Manchu dethrone the Ming Dynasty in China
1649 revolt against Spanish conscription
1660 the Pampangos labor revolt
1663 the military and naval garrisons consolidated in Manila for Chinese invasion
1762 the British invade Manila
1762 revolt in Cagayan, Laguna and Batangas against the Spanish
1764 the British leave Manila
1774 Revolt in Bohol against the Spanish
1815 the last Galleon left Acapulco for Manila
1825 Independence for Spanish American Colonies
1840 extensive revolt in southern Luzon led by Apolinario de la Cruz
1886 Jose Rizal publishes his first anti Spanish novel to popularize independence from Spain
1892 revolt led by Jose Rizal
1887 Jose Rizal publishes ‘’ Noi Mi Tangere ‘’
1891 Rizal publishes ‘’ El Filibusterismo ‘’
1892 Rizal forms revolutionary party ‘’ La Liga Filipina ‘’
1896 battle for independence frees all of the Archipelago except Manila, led by Andres Bonifacio and General Aguinaldo [ who became President of the then Republic ]
1896 Spanish execute Rizal for instigating insurrection [ 30 December 1986 ]
1899 Treaty of Paris at end of American- Spanish War ceding Philippines to U.S.A.; Filipinos then declare independence and Emilio Aguinaldo leads the war against U.S.A.
1901 U.S.A. captures Aquinaldo and U.S.A appoints William Taft as its first Governor of The Philippines
1946 Philippines becomes an independent nation