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The Taoist Temple Cebu City

  • On the high hills at the back of Cebu City 300 meters above sea level in the ''Beverly Hills '' subdivision of expensive housing is the Cebu Taoist Temple. It was built in 1972 and has little artistic or architectural significance but is well worth a visit, for the drive up high above the old town of Cebu, the views of the City, of Mactan Island and mountainous Bohol across the sea.
  • The Temple is open to any one including non believers of this faith. Photography inside the Temples is not permitted and guards police this policy. There are three entrances each with their own winding passage ways to each temple.The neighboring Phu Sian Temple is not open to non believers.
  • Taoism is an ancient Chinese religion based on the teachings of Lao Tze and which recognizes several Deities, here represented by statue images. Here one can see rituals and beliefs from mainland Asia of Chinese origin. The Philippines, particularly Manila had large Chinese communities before the arrival of the Spanish Roman Catholics.

Taoist Temple Cebu City