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Mactan Island Cebu

  • The Island of Mactan is opposite to the east of Cebu City on the main Island. The Island is accessible by two bridges being the Mactan Bridge and the Marcello Fernan Bridge. The Mactan Cebu International Air port is located on Mactan. Mactan Island is made of Coral stone and emerged when the Sea levels dropped. It is flat and not interesting, unlike Cebu Island.
  • Apart from providing the Airport and hotels and resorts at various locations around its coastline it is famous as the place where Ferdinand Magellan was killed in an attempted invasion of the indigenous people on Mactan.
  • In 1521 Magellan attempted to walk ashore on the west side of Mactan Island not far from the Cebu Island foreshore. The Spanish were ruthless arrogant soldiers who considered themselves better at warfare because of their experience, armor and weapons. However Magellan was ignorant about the low tides and found himself with his men sitting targets whilst trying to reach shore and he was killed and the task force required to retreat. 
  • This site is today marked by a monument to ''Datu'' Lapu Lapu the native Chief who destroyed Magellan. History tells us he led 1,500 men armed with spears, native swords made with Arab metal work and large hard wood rectangular shields. Lapu Lapu is recorded in Asian Muslim history as a Muslim Chieftain and accordingly his community was also Muslim.
  • In 1730 the Augustinians established the town there now called, Lapu Lapu. Lapu Lapu [ 1491 to 1542 ] is now a Philippines National hero being the first Filipino to resist the Spanish invasion.