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Cebu Tourist Guide Attractions.

  • Cebu Province is an Island of the same name and its capital city is Cebu City. The Island of Cebu is in Central Philippines in Visayas between the Islands of Bohol to the southwest and Negros to the west side. Cebu is a long narrow stretch of land extending northeast to southwest for a lenght of 180 kilometers and with a width of not more than 60 kilometers. The Island of Cebu is 4,421 square kilometers of rugged mountains and numerous coastal beaches.
  • Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines being established in April 1565 with the arrival of the Legazpi - Urdaneta expedition from Mexico. Five Augustin priests traveled to Cebu with this expedition. From then until the end of the Spanish colonization period the Augustinians had established 18 towns in the Island, each with its own Augustin Church.
  • Accordingly any tourist to Cebu today can not help but see these Church monuments dating back to the 16th Century. The major tourist attractions in Cebu are the early Spanish fortifications, the Augustin Churches, the beaches and the ethnic diversity of the Cebuano people especially at festival times.
  • Cebu is a regional advanced education center for Philippines students, has a large domestic and international airport with numerous hotels and quality recreation centers.
  • Cebu is a recommended tourist destination.

Painting Of Augustin Arrival At Cebu At Cebu Cathederal Museum

The Major Tourist Attractions In Cebu Are;

  • Fort San Pedro is located in the area now called Plaza Indepedencia, in the Pier Area of Cebu City. The Fort is named after Legazpi's flagship in the 1565 expedition the Cebu from Mexico. Construction of the Fort started in May 1565 under Legazpi's supervision... Read More Here...
  • Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Museum is opposite the Cebu Cathedral and was originally the parish house. It is worth a visit for two reasons. First it is an original building which survived the destruction of World War 11 bombing and as such is interesting inside... Read More Here...
  • The Basilica del Santo Nino is a 16th Century Augustin Church in Cebu City. It is named after a 16th century doll, '' The Santo Nino de Cebu '' [ the holy child of Cebu ] which is a European made doll figure representing Jesus Christ as a child similar to the Infant Jesus of Prague. ... Read More Here...
  • Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Magellan's Cross is a Christian cross of the Catholic faith which is housed in a small chapel in old Cebu City on Magallanes street close to the Basiclica Minore del Santo Nino [ doll of the Baby Jesus ] and not far from San Pedro Fort and Cebu Metroplitan Cathedral..... Read More Here..
  • The Heritage City of Cebu, Carcar is home to various Spanish to American period structures. The Carcar plaza alone hosts several Heritage structures, the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria dominates the area. .. Read More Here.