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Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

Kaiktiyo Pagoda Myanmar

  • It is also called Golden Rock and it’s a famous Buddhist pilgrimage place in Mon State of Myanmar. It's not a big pagoda, constructed at the peak of a granite rock, enclosed in golden leaves pasted by followers. As per myth, the Golden Rock is hazardously positioned on a part of the Buddha's hair. The balancing rock appears to disregard the law of gravity, since it constantly seems to be on the brink of going down the mountain. The rock as well as the pagoda are at the peak of Mount. Kyaiktiyo. It's the 3rd most important Buddhist pilgrimage place in Myanmar following the Shwedagon Pagoda as well as the Mahamuni Pagoda. A look at the Golden Rock disregarding the law of gravity is considered to be a reasonable motivation for anyone to turn to Buddhism.


  • The Pagoda is situated near Kyaikto in Mon State. The Golden Rock is located at a height of 1,100 metres above, on peak of the Kyaiktiyo hill (also called Eastern Yoma mountains or Kelasa hills); it's on the Paung-laung edge of the Eastern Yoma hills. It's at 210 kilometres from Yangon. The Kinpun village is 16 kilometres at the bottom of Mount. Kyaiktiyo. From Kyaiktiyo, the road or foot trail begins for the Golden Rock. On this path, there are many granite rocks on the hill, in dangerous status. On top of the hill, there are 2 big tigers safeguarding the entry to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. From this place, called Yatetaung (the last place for vehicle traffic), visitors and pilgrims need to climb up to the Golden Rock without footwear, after keeping their footwear behind, according to Burmese ritual. The smooth hill track, constructed in 1999, from the bus station at Yatetaung, is on a dusty area with stalls on both sides and the climbing of 1.2 kilo metres up to the Golden Rock is difficult and requires approximately an hour to reach. From the base camp at Kinpun, the hiking walk to the pagoda is approximately 11 kilometres and a large number of followers do this walk as part of their pilgrimage rituals. Additionally, there are numerous pagodas and temples that have been constructed lately on other mountains near the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda which are visited by tourists and pilgrims by walking alongside foot tracks.

Kaiktiyo Pagoda Myanmar