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Vientiane (Vieng Chan)

Wat Pha That Luang

Wat Phat Luang Vientiane Laos

  • The main tourist places of interest in Vientiane are, Wat Phat Luang, Wat Sri Saket, Wat Pra Keo, Wat Ong Tu, Wat In Peng, the French Colonial architecture and the traditional Lao culture and art and architecture.
  • Vientiane was made a capital city in 1563 by King Setthathirat. The site was a Khmer stronghold up until the 14 C and the area was part of the Khmer Empire in South East Asia. ' Vientiane ' is a French colonial name for what the Lao call ' Vieng Chan ' which means ' fortified city of the moon '. The City survived until 1827 when it was plundered by the Siamese armies.
  • Vientiane was abandoned until 1860 when the French colonials discoverd its ruins. By the end of the 19 C the French colonials had reconstructed the City, restored its Temples, created boulevards and built large colonial style villas.
  • Whilst most Temples in Vientiane date back to the formation of the Lan Xang Tai Kingdom most were destroyed by the Siamese and only Wat Sri Saket can now be seen in its original form.