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Nyepi Silence In Bali

Nyepi Parade In Bali

Nyepi - Exceptional on this planet

  • In contrast to many other cultures all over the world that commemorate the New Year by sparkling and dynamic festivals, the greatest feature of the New Year Six day ceremony is a day devoted to total silence.
  • On the Third day the whole Island remains halted, without scheduled outgoing or incoming flights.
  • This particular day is known as Nyepi, which means “to remain silent” and it comes at the time following the darkish moon of the spring season when the night and day are of about equal time.
  • Hotels are required to cover up their windows, no motorbikes, no cars driving, no people. All stores are shut, and no candle or light will be lighted in any home in Bali. It is really a unique experience, not just for the people of Bali but even for all the tourists and visitors who are in Bali on Nyepi Day.
  • Nyepi is the main and revered Hindu holiday in Bali and it's a public holiday break in the remainder of Indonesia.
  • The well-known ogoh-ogoh parades, in which Balinese boys and men hold frightening animals of commendable sizes in the streets associated with noise and music on "Nyepi Event", the evening of the 2nd day following New Year.
  • Visitors and tourists are invited to sit back and watch the parades, take photos and see this exceptional scene. A few of these ogoh-ogohs are really burnt after the parade is over.
  • On the day of Nyepi the whole Island is "shut". People on foot and all kinds of motorised autos are not allowed on the roads. The airport is also closed. All clothes, grocery as well as other kinds of shops are shut. For Balinese and tourists restaurants are closed. The Seaside is forbidden. Essentially everything other than remaining inside is forbidden. When indoors, the people need to ensure that all sound gadgets are at as low as possible volume. When the day comes to an end, the curtains must be drawn closed, with bare minimum light used in a person's living quarter. If an aircraft was to fly above Bali, the Island wouldn't be viewed. To make sure that all rules are followed local watchmen are stationed throughout the Island.  

Nyepi Parade  

  • In the afternoon ahead of Nyepi day Balinese hold big Ogoh Ogoh in Bali's roads. Young children follow the instance of their parents. The sculptures are as much as 25 feet long and could be very heavy. With the assistance of a bamboo grid, a big group of guys hold the ogoh ogoh and then Balinese gamelan music players.

Nyepi & Balinese Calendar  

  • The beginning of "Caka" year - Balinese New Year - is commemorated by the Hindus during a period of 6 days.
  • Nyepi is a day which the Hindu Balinese devote fully to attach deeper with God by meditation, fasting and prayer with an added level of introspection of the Self, to examine personal beliefs like generosity, kindness, patience, truth and love.
  • This spiritual event is larger plus much more luxurious compared to any other event during the year. There's a belief that, after the active and boisterous festivities of first and second day, the Island enters into concealing to safeguard itself from the bad spirits, deceiving them to think that Bali, surrounded in an atmosphere of perfect peace and tranquility, is an empty Island. This belief goes back to the mythological times of witches, superheroes, Gods and evil spirits.
  • On the day after Nyepi, social activity picks up once again rapidly, because friends and families get together to request forgiveness from one another, as well as to perform specific religious traditions collectively. Even though Nyepi is mostly a Hindu holiday, non-Hindu citizens of Bali follow the day of silence too, as a regard for their fellow individuals.
  • Nyepi Day just like all Balinese religious events and holy days is determined in line with the Balinese calendar (Saka or Caka).
  • One complete year of the Balinese calendar comprises 12 sasih (Balinese months). Every month (sasih) comprises 35 days that is normally a full cycle of 1 new moon and 1 full moon.

Nyepi Festival Bali Indonesia

Nyepi Festival Bali Indonesia