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Barongs In Bali

Symbolised Barong In Bali


  • In Balinese Hinduism, Barongs symbolise a particular type of evil spirits. Barongs symbolise the spirits of animals (other than human beings). There are a few Barongs, such as Barong Ket, which the Balinese consider are generally good naturally. Barong Ket is a mythological animal which has been identified as a mix of a tiger and a lion. Throughout Bali, Barong Ket is portrayed in the popular Barong Dance. In the Barong Dance, Barong Ket fights the wicked powers of Rangda.
  • A number of Barongs which are believed to live in the Sacred Padangtegal's Monkey Forest and are considered to be able of safeguarding the Holy Monkey Forest, from demons, include the Monkey, Boar and Tiger (all of which are shown in sculptures found all over the Sacred Monkey Forest). But, it's also thought that only temple monks are able to find the existence of these Barongs because they roam in the Sacred Monkey Forest.
  • In Balinese Hinduism, all Barongs (which include Barong Ket) are thought to be able of hurting human beings. Therefore, it's usual for the Balinese to present products to Barongs. Just like other sorts of evil spirits, Barongs also are sometimes thought to be avatars of a Gods or Goddesses.