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Balinese People

Balinese Mythology Dancer

Who Are The Balinese
  • The Balinese people of Bali Indonesia and who live on the Island of Bali are a mixture of three ethnic immigration waves to the Island. There are about 4.3 million Balinese who live on the Island of Bali and neighbouring Island of Lombok and the north eastern corner of Java Island.
  • In prehistoric times the first Balinese arrived from Kalimantan and Java. Later during the Hindu expansion of Java for settlers left Java to settle in Bali. During the Islam take over from the Hindus during the 16th century in Java more immigrants arrived in Bali to avoid conversion to Islam and to preserve their Hindu traditions.
  • Balinese culture is created by the distinctive mix of Balinese Hindu and ancient animist beliefs. Balinese Hinduism is a Shivaite Sect.
  • Today the Balinese have a distinct culture, beliefs, art forms and architectural styles, all based on these Hindu and animist traditions.
  • The animist traditions revolve around their traditional mythology.