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Balinese Hindu Funerals

Balinese Hindu Funeral

  • Balinese Hindu incineration rituals are one of the most famous cultural events in the world for following their prehistoric roots which date back more than a thousand years. The important exception which has broken with ancient custom is that the wives of the dead no more plunge themselves into the blazing funeral fires when their deceased husbands are incinerated.
  • Much of strongly preserved traditional custom of Bali is linked with the cremation rites. Its interesting social customs include traces of several cults and religions including Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, animism, spirits and magic with a number of accompanying demons and gods.
  • Proof of these old beliefs is conserved in the stone statues of fierce-looking masks, tusks protruding, which decorate the 2 or 3 temples in every small village. These beliefs are also reflected by temple rituals.
  • But in Balinese incineration ceremonies this evidence is strongest. The rituals are quite exceptional and are the centre of great activity by the residents for weeks in advance. The tower should be constructed with colorful and ornate decorations to beautify it.
  • The rhythmic and loud sounds of people drumming and chanting and the scene of hundreds of other people clad in multi-colored batik sarongs and whirling skirts are awesome.

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