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Lodhi Dynasty India

Lodhi Dynasty Monument In Delhi

  • The Lodhi Dynasty was established by Bahlul Khan Lodhi in 1451. The Dynasty was a Pashtun Dynasty which ruled Khyber Pakhtunkhawa province of present-day Pakistan and parts of northern India and Punjab.
  • The reign of the Lodhi Dynasty ended under Ibrahim Lodhi, who was defeated several times by Rana Sanga of Mewar. Babur, the Turco-Mongol aggressor from Ferghana, in present-day Uzbekistan finally defeated Ibrahim Lodhi and ended Lodhi dynasty. Babur established Mughal dynasty in northern India.

Bahlul Lodhi

  • Bahlul Khan Lodhi became king of the throne of the Delhi Sultanate on April 19, 1451 after Ala-ud-din Alam Shah willingly relinquished power in his favor. When he was young, he traded horses. He spent most of his time fighting against the Sharqi dynasty and eventually captured it. Bahlul Khan Lodhi died in April 1489. His tomb is a square chamber having 3 arched openings on all sides.

Sikandar Lodhi

  • Sikandar Lodhi was the second son of Bahlul. He succeeded his father and assumed the title Sikandar Shah. His accession to throne was problematic. His elder brother, Barbak Shah was also claiming to the throne in spite of the fact their father nominated Sikandar Lodhi. He was the Sultan of Delhi from 1489 to 1517. In 1504, he refounded Agra and built many mosques. During his time, Agra was known as Shiraz of India. He patronized trade and commerce and abolished duties on corn. He extended Lodhi territory into the areas of Bihar and Gwalior. He was a well known literary figure. His pen-name was Gulruk. He ordered translation of Sanskrit work in medicine to Persian.

Ibrahim Lodhi

  • Sultan Ibrahim Khan Lodhi was the youngest son of Sikandar Lodhi. He was the last Lodhi Sultan of Delhi. For almost a decade he was involved in fighting against the Afghans and the Mughals. Ibrahim Lodhi was defeated by Bubur in 1526 at the Battle of Panipat. This was the end of the Lodi Dynasty and the rise of the Mughal Empire.

Lodhi Dynasty Monument In Delhi