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The Koravi Dynasty India

  • Koravi is a clan living in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Deccan region. Their mother-tongue is Hindi or Tamil or Telugu or Marathi or Kannada. They are now spread throughout India. Presently they are Lingayats and other castes.
  • After the decline of the Suryavanshi Kingdom, the surviving people migrated to different locations. Vijayasurtha (Prasanajit) and his family migrated to Saurashtra. He became a wealthy merchant. He had horses, body guards, workers and a big house. To sell his products, he visited various cities. One day he sailed very far away and because of high waves he arrived at an unidentified island. The island was huge and was covered with barren land and forest. He constructed a fort around the island with the help of his workers and divided the island into two different cities. He constructed a number of roads and houses. He transformed the barren island into beautiful islands. He lived in that island with his loved ones and named it as Gajapuri. People started living in that island and he was selected as the king of Gajapuri.
  • After his death, his second son, Surathi became the king. This annoyed his eldest son, Marasjit. Surathi conquered a number of nearby islands such as Namadvipa, Shridvipa, Shatadvipa and Sansadvipa. To become a king, Marasjit devised a plan. He bribed the Chief of Navy to tell a lie. The Chief of Navy misinformed Surathi that Gajapuri is going to be attacked by the kingdom of Prajnethi.
  • In order to make peace, Surathi went to the sea with his soldiers. But Surathi was killed on the way by his own Minister. Everybody in the army supported Marasjit. Therefore, Surathi‚Äôs wife, her kid and her relatives settled in Vadhachira. Centuries passed and medieval period began. Many foreign invaders attacked India and created several kingdoms. They were foreigners; therefore they tortured people and imposed taxes. Suryavanshi people were aware. Therefore they left Bhaironpur and settled in Vijayanagar. In the Vijayanagar Empire they became army officers and merchants. They were known as Ravivanshi. They adopted the Karnataka culture.
  • Ravi clan people spread all over India. Some went to Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh and other places. Some of them arrived in Kor, Karnataka. Due to their capabilities, they became governors and military officers. The British entered Kor after hundreds of years. They tortured people who did not pay taxes. People migrated to different places with their leaders. In this family many were friends and some were enemies of British. Hucchappa I migrated to Hariyala with his family. His son, Lokappa I became a wealthy merchant. They left Hariyala and settled in Hubballi (Hubli).