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Jama Masjid, Delhi

Jama Masjid At Delhi

  • Jama (congregational) Masjid (mosque) was originally named Masjid Jahan Numa (World-reflecting). Jama Masjid is opposite to the Red Fort. It was built by Shah Jahan who laid its foundation stone on 6th of October 1650.
  • In addition to Jama Masjid, Shah Jahan built many important mosques in Lahore, Ajmer, Agra and Delhi.


  • The courtyard of the mosque is accessible from the South, North and East by steps built of red sandstone. The eastern side of the mosque has 35 steps. The southern side of the mosque has 33 steps. The northern side of the mosque has 39 steps.
  • Six thousand labourers helped renowned artisans of the world, calligraphers, engineers, sculptors, chiselers and experts in the field of construction to build the wonderful Jama Masjid in six years in 1656.
  • The cost of the construction of the Jama Masjid in those days was rupees one million excluding stones and other construction materials gifted by nawabs (elites) to the Emperor.
  • During construction, Shah Jahan was complained about slow progress. Shah Jahan sought explanation from Saadullah Khan, in charge of the constructions. Saadullah Khan explained that before the installation of every stone Holy Quran is recited. This explanation pleased Shah Jahan and he allowed proceeding at the same pace.
  • The level of the podium of the mosque was kept above the level of the royal throne in the Red Fort. The mosque faces west. It is 27 metres wide and 80 metres long. Its roof is covered with 3 domes with alternating stripes of white and black. There is a hall under the domes having 7 arched entrances facing the west. The Mosque’s walls are covered with marble up to waist height. Its topmost parts are covered with gold. The prayer hall is 27.5 metres long and 61 metres wide. Two minarets are 41 metres high and contain 130 steps striped with red sandstone and white marble. Additionally there are 4 small minarets on the rear side of the mosque.
  • The flooring of the mosque looks like a Muslim prayer mat because it is ornamented like this. A black border 3 feet long and one and a half feet wide is marked for the worshippers. There are 899 such spaces marked in the floor. The Mosque can accommodate about 25,000 devotees at a time.
  • The Mosque contains a red beard hair of Holy Prophet Muhammad, his slippers and footprints as well as an antique copy of the Muslim’s holiest book, Quran written on deer skin.