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Mount Emei, ''Emeishan''

  • Mount Emei or Emeishan is one of the 4 Buddhist holy mountains in Szechuan province of China at the height of 3,099 metres.
  • Due to historical Buddhist sites, mysterious natural wonders and breathtaking scenery Mount Emei has been proclaimed a World Heritage Site in 1996.
  • Originally Mount Emei was a retreat, but turned into a holy Buddhist mountain in the 3rd century.
  • Mount Emei has been among the holiest sites of Buddhism.
What to See At Mount Emei
  • Mount Emei is included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites having breathtaking scenery, many temples, and natural wonders. The slopes include many different climates and a great deal wildlife, particularly trees and birds. A few of the trees are over 1,000 years old.
  • Monkeys are also there, who are used to tourists; they are not dangerous but will plead for food and snatch bags when hikers walk along the track.
  • There are more than 30 Buddhist temples on Mount Emei, 10 of which are big and very old. They are regarded as masterpieces of creativity because they adapt to the natural environment as well as beauty of the sacred mountain.
  • Baoguo Monastery is at the mountain base which was built in the 16th century. The monastery contains a huge porcelain Buddha, a library of sutras and beautiful gardens with rare plants. There are figures of the Eight Immortals in the stone staircase of the rear hall.
  • Crouching Tiger Monastery, Mount Emei's biggest temple is further up the mountain. Huayan Pagoda, built in the 16th century is among the notable features. It is 7 metre high and is engraved with 4700 Buddha images.
  • At the foot of the Niuxin Ridge against the mountainside is the Qingyin Pavilion. It is an assembly of platforms, towers, and pavilions, the earliest from the early 6th century. Because of its position and the streams which run through it, it is called “The Mountain Garden”.
  • A cable car ride or a few hours' walk leads to the Golden Summit, at 3077 meters. Two temples are here and thousands of padlocks engraved with couples' names to represent eternal love.
  • In the 1st century Huazang Si on Jinding was built. It was extensively refurnished and rebuilt in the 1970s; however no stone was unturned to maintain its original look.
  • Jinding is the ideal location to see the Four Wonders of Mount Emei: the Golden Summit Sunrise, the Holy Lamp, the Sea of Clouds, and the Buddha's Halo.
  • You can ride a monorail along the ridge from the Golden Summit to Wanfoding.
Getting To Mount Emei
  • Mount Emei is just 28 kilometres from Leshan city, 130 kilometres from the Shuangliu International Airport and 150 kilometres from Chengdu. The mountain is accessed through Emei Shan town, 7 kilometres from the base. Public buses and minibuses depart from Mount Emei's main street depot at Baoguo.
  • Cable cars and minibuses can take tourists way up the mountain.
  • A Swiss-style cable car rises over pines to Jinding. Some people spend the night in order to see the sunrise, others quickly return.