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Yuci The Chang Family Manor

Yuci Fortification City Gate

  • The Chang Family's compound is situated in the southwest of Dongyang town about 17.5 kilometres away from Yuci. Originally it was built in the Qing Dynasty.
  • The family's forefather, Chang Zhonglin, ran away to nearby Yuci, due to food shortage in Taigu county, and toiled as a sheepman in Ming Dynasty. His son started tea business and flourished in early Qing Dynasty. He started building the mansion that slowly stretched out to 4,000 houses on 60 hectares.
  • The present day 1,000-house mansion is just one fourth of its original size. The remaining were either ruined in wars or destroyed during the "cultural revolution".
  • A slab-stone-covered big square is in the mansion, which connects a 20 meter wide and 600 meter long straight flagstone road, called Back Street.
  • There is an ancestral temple of the Chang family to the north of the square. All the main names in the family's history are engraved and worshipped in the hall. Their tales are recorded in the family files placed in the temple.
  • In its peak time, the Chang family managed 40% of Sino-Russian tea trade for more than 20 years. They produced tea in Fujian province and transported to Siberia.
  • Chang Family Academy consisted of lecture halls, classrooms and a library is on West of the temple.
  • The most magnificent building is the three-story library, representing the highest artistic values in the mansion. The handwritings of a number of renowned ancient calligraphers and 44 emperors are engraved on stone plaques embedded in walls along the corridors.

Traditional Yuci Street Scene