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The Ancient Waterfront Towns In The South Of Yangtze River

Wuzhen Canal Scene

Wuzhen Town
  • Wuzhen Town is one of the ancient waterfront towns in the south of Yangtze River. UNESCO has added Wuzhen Water Town in the list of world cultural heritages. Wuzhen Town is situated in Zhejiang Province, 140 kilometres from Shanghai and 80 kilometres from Hangzhou. The world renowned Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs through Wuzhen town.
  • With a history of over 7000 years, Wuzhen Town has got all the exclusive features of water towns. It completely maintains the earlier features and styles of ancient water towns. On the river banks of Wuzhen, 82% of Wuzhen’s total ground area of over 169,600 square metres is occupied by stores, workshops and a large number of ancient residential houses.