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Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Monument To Buddha

  • The Leshan Giant Buddha is actually a sculpture of Maitreya in sitting position. The Buddha is situated in the eastern part of Leshan City of Sichuan Province, at the junction of 3 rivers, Dadu River, Qingyi River, and Min River. The sculpture is the most popular picturesque place in Leshan city. UNESCO included the location of the Buddha in the list of the World Heritage sites in December, 1996.
  • Construction started in 713 and it took 90 years to complete in 803. During these 90 years, thousands of workers put their efforts and used wisdom to achieve the goal. It is the largest carved stone Buddha all over the word and features in story, song and poetry.
  • The Buddha is facing the river having symmetrical position and looks which have been wonderfully captured in its sober silence. It is 71 metres high and it has 8.3 metre long fingers as well as 9 metre wide instep which is big enough for 100 persons to sit on it. Its 24 metre shoulder is as large as a basketball playground.
  • The attraction of the Buddha isn’t just in its volume but additionally in its design art. You will find 1,021 buns inside Buddha's coiled hair. One more architectural feature is the water drainage system. This system consists of some concealed channels and gutters, spread on the arms and head, in the clothes and behind the ears. This system protects the Buddha.
  • Before 1963 the Buddha was almost ruined by the erosion rain and wind when the government of China started the repair work. Presently, the repair work is carried out under the supervision of UNESCO experts.