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The Drum Tower Xian

Drum Tower Xian

  • It is situated at northwest of the Bell Tower, across Drum Tower Square and the Bell. Collectively they are labelled as the ‘morning bell and dark drum' or 'sister buildings'. In old China, particularly from the Yuan Dynasty, to indicate the passing of time and occasionally as an alarm in emergency conditions, the drums were used.
  • Originally it was constructed in 1380 during the rule of Emperor Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty. It was refurbished two times in 1699 and again in 1740 in the Qing Dynasty. It’s a 2 storey post and panel building, 52.6 metres long, 34 metres high and 38 metres wide. The building design of the Drum Tower is a blend of the Tang Dynasty’s style and the Qing Dynasty’s style. Nevertheless, it also has a few new features. For instance, it must be stated here that no iron nail is used at any place in the Tower.
  • On arrival you will notice that there’s an arched door in the middle of the north and south walls. The door is 6 metres in both width and height. The northern entrance shows the way to Beiyuan Men and southern entrance to the West Avenue. Visitors may go upstairs to the 2nd floor, and get pleasure from the scenes near the Drum Tower. In the meantime, you will note that there are 24 drums on its south and north sides. They represent the 24 Solar Terms that is a type of weather calendar devised by the ancient Chinese to show the agricultural output.
  • In contemporary times, the Drum Tower isn’t used any more as a timer; however there are a few new temptations for visitors. In 1996, a brand new drum, enclosed in a whole piece of hide of a cow was kept in the Tower. Presently it’s the largest drum in China. Inside it visitors will enjoy musical shows. These shows will tell one about the influence of ancient culture of China.
  • After finishing your visit of the Tower, you may taste a large number of tasty snacks of Shaanxi in the nearby Muslim Quarter.