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Preah Khan Inside Angkor Thom (1191)

Inside At Preah Khan

  • Preah Khan temple was constructed in the 12th century at Angkor, Cambodia. It had about 100,000 officials and servants. Like other temples, Preah Khan has not been restored. Many trees and other vegetation have grown among the ruins.

Inside Preah Khan


  • Preah Khan was constructed in 1191on the location of Jayavarman VII's victory over the attacking Chams. Earlier, the area might have been occupied by the royal palaces of Tribhuvanadityavarman and Yasovarman II. Substantial information regarding the administration and history of the site has been provided by the temple's foundation stela. The temple's wealth included a cow with gilded horns, 112,300 pearls, gems, silver and gold. The institution merged the roles of Buddhist University, temple and city. There were 97,840 servants and attendants, including 1,000 teachers and 1,000 dancers.
  • The temple is mostly unrestored. The initial cleaning was performed from 1927 to 1932, and in 1939 partial anastylosis was performed. After that free-standing sculptures have been removed for safety and additional restoration and consolidation work was carried out. The conservators tried to balance maintenance and restoration of the temple.
  • The World Monuments Fund has been maintaining the site since 1991. It has adopted the cautious approach to restoration, considering that going further would involve excessive guesswork, and prefers to maintain the ruined state of the temple. Therefore it has restricted itself mainly to stabilisation work on the Hall of Dancers, the House of Fire and the fourth eastern gopura.