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Neak Pean Water Bay Angkor

Neak Pean North Of Angkor Thom

Neak Pean Angkor

  • Neak Pean is a man-made island having a Buddhist place of worship on a circular island in Preah Khan Baray at Angkor, Cambodia constructed during the rule of King Jayavarman VII who ruled in the late 12th century. The King ordered the creation of a huge baray (reservoir) east of Preah Khan temple probably to supply water to its workers. Extending a half kilometer by 900 meters, the man-made lake, known as the Jayatataka saved millions of cubic meters of water to irrigate the rice fields during the dry season. Neak Pean is at the middle of the pool. Neak Pean is extremely beautiful in the wet season when plenty water is in the pools.

Stone Center of Neal Pean Water Storage