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Pre Rup, Angkor

Pre Rup Hindu Temple Angkor

Pre Rup Angkor

  • The Hindu Temple, Pre Rup is located east of Angkor Thom, south of East Baray and is in the north south axis aligned with East Mebon. It also was constructed under the reign of King Rajendravarman and was dedicated about 961.
  • It is a temple replica of the mount Meru and is made of laterite, sand stone and brick.
  • Pre Rup faces East and so is best visited in the morning for photography to catch the morning sun of its east face.
  • Pre Rup temple is square with two perimeter walls, then upwards is the outer enclosure with a laterite causeway and a further laterite wall of some 117 meters wide on the north south sides and 127 meters long on the two east west sides. All entries are on the east side.

One of the Towers Which Housed the Hindu Gods at Pre Rup

The Nandi Bull Cistern