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Kravan Hindu Temple

Kravan Hindhu Temple Angkor

  • Kravan Temple (Prasat Kravan in Khmer) is a Hindu temple made of bricks in the later 10th century. It consists of five red brick towers upon a brick terrace.
  • The inscription on the door jambs says it was dedicated to Vishnu in 921 C.E. Kravan is located on the East side of Angkor Thom and south of the Baray, Srah Srang.
  • The structure is largely the original but some newer bricks have been added as can be seen with the markings thereon.
  • The temple faces east. It is surrounded by a moat. The Central and South Towers have overhead and diminishing towers which adds to the impressions within of the various bas-reliefs therein. This form of bas-relief in brickwork is the only example in Cambodia. Other examples are found in the Hindu Cham monuments in Southern Vietnam.

Bas reliefs inside Kravan Hindu Temple Angkor

Rear view Kravan Hindu Temple Angkor