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Guide to Khmer Monuments East Of Angkor Thom

  • Planning a list of what to see and when is important. There are over 80 recorded monuments in Angkor of which we recommend at least 29 (not including those at Roulos). Additionally there are not many roads and some monuments are set back from being seen from the road so you need to plan your trip. Also do not just rely on the tour drivers to suggest what to see as they may want to save petrol and limit your site seeing and also want to leave you at restaurants where they receive commissions for taking you there.
  • The following are those monuments on the East side of Angkor Thom in order of importance to see;
  1. Ta Prohm ***
  2. Pre Rup  ***
  3. East Mebon  ***
  4. Banteay Kdei **
  5. Kravan  **
  6. Srah Srang  **
  7. Ta Keoh *