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Phimeanakas, Angkor Thom, Angkor

Phimeanakas Temple Angkor Thom

  • Phimeanakas is a Hindu Temple in Angkor Thom, Angkor. It is located within the Royal Palce monuments to the west side of the Elephant Terrace. It was built in the later part of the 10th century during the Kingdom of Rajendravarman. It was later modified to its present form under the Kingdom of Suryavarman II.
  • Phimeanakas consists of a three tier pyramid monument. The style of architecture is Khleang.
  • Phimeanakas is at the centre of the Royal Palace compound, which probably started with the building of the temple in the mid-10th century. It’s attributed to either Harshvarman I, Rajendravarman II, or Suryavarman I. There are many big ponds inside the palace which is bounded by Laterite walls surrounded by moats.