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The Devata Ladies In Angkor & Where To See Them

  • There are over 3,300 individually carved stone images in Bas relief in monuments at Angkor. Similarly there are similar individual carvings in bas relief form at other Khmer ruins elsewhere in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.
  • The common features of the Devatas are; they have both feet on the ground, they look front, they have individual styles of costume and jewelry and they are in bas relief form.

Devatas Murals In Bas Relief At Angkor Wat

The better places to see the Devatas are at the following monuments;
  • Angor Wat; (1,780 Devatas, 119 on the outside of the west (front) wall, 124 on the inside of the west front wall)
  • Banteay Kdei (399 Devatas)
  • Banteay Srei (103 Devatas)
  • Banteay Thom (21 Devatas)
  • Bayon (377 Devatas)
  • Beng Meala (16 Devatas)
  • Chau Say Tevoda (41 Devatas)
  • Elephant Terrace (1 Devata)
  • Ta Prohm (380 Deavatas)
  • Preah Pithu (29 Devatas)
  • Thommanon (24 Devatas)