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About High & Low Relief Art Decorations On Angkor Wat Monuments

Banteay Srei High Relief Decorations on Temple Wall

About Khmer '' relief art works '' at Angkor.
  • The majority of art work decorating the monuments at Angkor are what is termed '' bas-relief ''. A sample bas-relief is shown in image below on this web page. More extensive details of where to see Khmer relief works are listed in the links on this page.
  • A relief is a sculpture in which the object carved is formed by deleting the ground leveling the object raised and then shaped. Alternatively the art form can be made by leaving the plan raised and lowering the objects (a sunken relief).
  • In Guide books about Angkor the terms can be confused. There are thousands of relief art works to be seen on the monuments at Angkor.

Low relief art decorations on the terrace walls of Angkor Wat.